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Fixed Fee "Not to Exceed" Pricing

Balderson & Company is different from other CPAs in many ways including the way we price our project work. 


A leading cause of dissatisfaction with CPAs is unexpected invoices.  No one likes unpleasant surprises. Hourly billing practices reward CPAs for billing more hours not less.  Such practices offer no incentive to work efficiently and continually improve project management.  At Balderson & Company we strive to avoid surprises and have made the decision not to run our practice on the traditional hourly billing model that other CPA firms use.


At Balderson & Company our pricing philosophy is based on exceeding your expectations.  We negotiate a fixed-fee "not to exceed" price that reflects the value of achieving your desired results and objectives.  


At times it can be difficult to anticipate the level of work required to deliver the desired results and objectives. At Balderson & Company, our goal is to provide as much clarity around the billing process as possible.  As a result, we structure our fees to reflect the time and value necessary to meet your expectations.  


Our fixed-fee "not to exceed" pricing means that you will never be charged more than the "not to exceed" fee that we have provided.  If for some reason we have overestimated the level of work required, we will only bill you based on the actual level of work completed. 


Please contact us at (312) 854-7014 to receive a personalized fee proposal.  

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